Trulli, Masserie, Ville in Vendita in Puglia...
Trulli, Masserie, Ville in Vendita in Puglia...

Houses for Sale in Puglia!

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La Casa del Porto for sale Ostuni

La Casa del Porto is a lovely detached house for sale by the sea in Ostuni. From the first the first floor, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and harbor views of the White City; the area offers guests panoramic views and cliffs on which to sunbathe, as well as numerous restaurants and services.


PRICE 185.000€

Casa Viale Pola for sale Ostuni

Large apartment for sale in the central Viale Pola Ostuni! The house is located on the second floor of an old building and comfortable disone of 3 large double bedrooms. The apartment is immediately habitable and has a air conditioning unit and gas heating.



PRICE 165.000€

Casa degli Archi in Ostuni

Independent building and angular recently renovated (2014) of an old mansion, in which architectural interventions were limited: Coexist together in perfect balance, old and new.IDEAL FOR INVESTMENT.

PRICE 140.000€




Nice Renovated Stone House

House on the first floor for sale in the historic center of Ostuni, built up in the '800.

At the first level, central room with balcony, alcove / bedroom, single bedroom.



PRICE 49.000€



Casa Calvario in Ostuni

Renovated house for sale in the historic center of Ostuni, "Calvario" area, 2 steps from Viale Pola and the Park.


PRICE 148.000€


Casa Marconi in Ostuni

Renovated House for Sale in the Historical Center of Ostuni, few steps from the central Piazza della Libertà. Large Terrace with wonderful Sea View.


PRICE 75.000€

Ancient House to Renovate

Detached house for sale, located in the historic center of Ostuni, on the first floor with terrace. 


PRICE 45.000€



Loft Stone House for sale in Ostuni

Pretty Renovated apartment with loft bedroom for sale in the historical center of Ostuni. The house, arranged on the first floor is equipped with all the amenities and is ready to move in.

PRICE 90.000€

Casa Maresca in Ostuni Center

Detached house for sale in Ostuni situated close to Piazza della Libertà, composed on the first floor of entrance hall and living room with bathroom, small bedroom with balcony.


PRICE 69.000€

Old House with frescoed ceiling

Detached House for Sale in Ostuni, nearby the historical center of Ostuni, with frescoed ceiling, painted in the late XIX century.


PRICE 110.000€


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